Macchine Tessili Usate

Product Name: Somet Rapier Weaving Looms with Jacquards
Product Group: Weaving
proposal: INTER-SA4423
Manufacturer: SOMET ITALY
Machine Type: Rapier Looms with Electronic Jacquards
14 x Somet Rapier Weaving Looms
Working Width 1900 mm
4 machines (Thema Excel) with Staubli CX880 Jacquards for 1344 Hooks
10 machines with Stuabli CX880 Jacquards for 2688 Hooks
4 x Somet Thema Excel Year 1998
8 x Somet Super Excel Year 2001-2004
2 x Somet Alfa Year 2004

Each Machine With:-
4 Weft Feeders
1-5 Cloth Rollers
1-5 Warp Beams

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