Macchine Tessili Usate

Complete 10300 Spindles Ring Spinning Plant (Year 1998)

CROSSROL one programmable opening, cleaning, blending match with automatic feeding and automatic mixing for cotton and polyester:
3 x ROSIQUE Cards type AP- 2092 - for polyester Graff clothing, coiler 40with cleaning and opening with direct feed.
4 x ROSIQUE Cards type AP-2090-for cotton Graff clothing, coiler 40 with cleaning for cotton and opening with direct feed.
7 x SADO WILASECA drawing frames as following:
4 x machines type SM -810-A and 3 x machines type SM-810-ASC
2 x Combers HISPANO CA 2 B , with 12 deliveries (six each side) up to 260ups/min
HISPANO Lop former
ROVEMATIC HISPANO Roving frames, 14*7 type FG 96, spindles with PK-1500
13 x GALAN Ring spinning frames for cotton 42mm diameter, 792 spindles, each on two sides: manual delivery system for all machines.
1 x ELECTRO JET cleaning installation for the ring spinning frames, consisting of 15 movable cleaners type LS-GR.
4 x MURATA automatic winding machines 7-V, Mach Coner, Magazine Type, each mach with 50 spindles with soft winding device.